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QR Code Scanner

QR & Barcode Scanner / QR code reader is extremely easy to use; with quick scan built in simply point QR code scanner free app to QR or barcode you want to scan and QR scanner will automatically start scanning and QR scan it. No need to press any buttons, take photos or adjust zoom as barcode reader works automatically.

Generate QR & Barcode

QR Code Reader

QR & Barcode Scanner can scan and read all QR codes / barcode types including text, url, ISBN, product, contact, calendar, email, location, Wi-Fi and many more formats. After scan and automatic decoding user is provided with only the relevant options for individual QR (qu r code) or Barcode type and can take appropriate action. You can even use QR & Barcode Scanner to scan coupons / coupon codes to receive discounts and save some money.

Manage Settings

Settings Menu

In the settings menu, there are many options to optimize the QR code reader and barcode scanner app for your own device as well as your preferences.

Search Engines

Custom Search Options

Get specific information by adding custom websites into the barcode search (i.e. your favorite shopping website). Get Additional Informations from the Results on Popular Online Services.

Support Darkmode

Light & Dark Mode

Dark Mode helps to activate the Android dark theme on devices that do not provide this option in the system settings. Night mode allows you to apply a filter to the screen, minimizing eye strain and reducing the blue light emitted by your smartphone screen. And protect your eyes and improve your sleep!

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